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Confidential Detective Agency – #1 Private Investigators in India

We have formed this detective organization with the ideal bestowing trust and transparency in people's life. Confidential detective agency is always there for you in any kind of circumstances. Our office established in Delhi comprises with highly professional detective agents. We at Confidential Detective Agency apply modern technology to make our investigation authentic and genuine. With the help of various modern devices we are able to get concrete evidence and hand over all detailed reports to the client. The detective services which we provide are Pre and Post Matrimonial investigation, Background check investigation, Sting operation services, Divorce cases investigation undercover operation, due diligence, business interference, Pre and post-employment verification etc.

We are considered as the excellent detective agency in Delhi, India and we are always working on helping our client through our flawless investigation services. We carry out evidences and clues to our client so that they can prepare court proceeding easily. At CDA we assure you to give affordable investigation services as compare to the market. Our investigation expert have come from delivers sector which includes cybercrime specialist , legal advisors, army men, air force, business consultants, journalist and many more which makes them prepare to handle any kind case and they solve it with their wisdom and vast years of experience.

Why We Have Become First Choice among All Detective Agencies

  • We are very much tech-friendly organization as we apply latest technology which includes GPS tracker, Microphone, still photography and videography to capture the movements of target person.
  • We believe in personal freedom therefore we keep whole investigation process confidential and maintain the privacy of our client.
  • We authenticate the credibility of evidences before submitting them to the clients which make them assure that they are getting solid proof to get their legal proceeding strong.
  • We plan our investigation structure that totally oriented to our client's expectations.
  • We utilized very structured system of investigation where we fill international standards of investigation to get the results on time.

It really doesn't matter the nature of investigation case whether it is about corporate investigation or it is to solve personal investigation we are always ready with our world class detective team who is consistent to get the best detective service for you. Our detective agents perform the task of undercover agents and surveillance detective for special investigation cases. We do our work very professionally and that is what we are recommended by people all around.

Maintaining the reputation for being a reliable corporate and matrimonial detective agency of Delhi, India, CDA always offers great results with foolproof evidences to help its clients in taking the right decision of their lives.

Why People choose us

  • We perform our investigation task along with advance security devices and technology which is very important.
  • Packed with highly skilled detective professional who has solved more than 10,000 cases successfully
  • Our investigation is competent to take all kind of cases such as corporate investigation, divorce case, matrimonial investigation etc.
  • 100% reliable and confidential
  • Total professionalism
  • Peace of mind

Confidential Detective Agency known as private detective agency in Delhi, India is credible investigation service with quality of assurance. With our dedication to the investigation field we are very much sure that we will continue to give away fantastic detective services to the people.

Are you seeking a good detective agency in Delhi for matrimonial?

Confidential Detective Agency is one of the leading Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi covering pan India offering both pre-marital & post-marital investiagtion. As the families going to decide the future of their loved ones for making their life full of happiness and joy therefore it is necessary to know about person to whom your beloved going to spent whole life and that is known as pre matrimonial investigations. The investigation we do is quite confidential and fully secrecy is maintained by our private investigators all over the process. So, We helping the families to choose the best life partner for their dear. Confidential Detective Agency is the topmost matrimonial detective company in India it the field of matrimonial detective agency in Delhi. Pre matrimonial cover all verification of the future life partner including Character Verification, Habits (Drinking, Smoking & Spending), Behavior, Educational Qualification, Family Background, Financial Status, Business Reputation, Social Status, Earlier Marriage etc..

Why Private Detective Agency in Delhi is in Huge Demand

The insecurities in personal life and business is normal these days but if you think that it is difficult to handle you need a consultant and person who can get you real root cause of the problem. The morality and affection has been disappeared from relationship and business. If you want to compete with this unfavorable situation then you need to hire professional detective agency in Delhi. There is no way to trust anyone blindly as there is no surety that who is supporting and who is against you. If you want to clear all doubts then there is need to appoint expert detective agency in Delhi and across India.

If you are going to get married but you don't have full information of your life partner then it will be risky for you. We suggest that don't take decision if you are having doubt in your mind. You can get the pre matrimonial detective services in which you can know the actual background and family status of your life partner. And if you are married and you feel that your life partner is hiding any secret relationship from you and ignoring you deliberately then you should take post matrimonial investigation services. There are other investigation services which are conducted by India's Best Detective Agency and that are none other than Confidential Detective agency. We provide divorce case investigation, surveillance detective, sting operation, background check investigation, child custody investigation. Loyalty test investigation, cybercrime investigation, extramarital affair investigation etc.

Similarly when you think that your business not going smooth just because the management and staff is not following the rules and regulation then it is high time to hire corporate investigation agency that can deal with all corporate irregularity within the organization. Confidential Detective agency is a big name in corporate investigation and we provide all types of investigation related to corporate requirement such as pre-employment verification, post-employment verification, due diligence, trademark and copyright infringement, missing person investigation, Sting operation, asset verification, business interference investigation and many more.

Confidential Detective Agency is a prevalent detective service provider in Delhi and across all India. We are certified and excellent agency which is occupied with the experienced detective team who has the competency to solve any kind case. It doesn't matter what is the nature of case our team is expert in solving the case with concrete evidence and firm truth. We monitor every activity of the suspect and prepare a detailed analysis report. We hand over entire report to our client and in this whole process we provide high level of security and privacy. We assure you to give world class efficiency and quality in investigation process.

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