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About Private Detective Agency in Delhi, India - Confidential Detective Agency

Established with the motive of emerging as a trustworthy and secured private detective agency of Delhi, Confidential Detective Agency in Delhi helps you to come up with the most dependable evidences by conducting its highly secured investigation services with precision. Headquartered in Delhi, India under the supervision of a highly qualified and trained detective, the team at Confidential Detective Agency uses the most advanced technologies and surveillance equipments for collecting accurate evidences against the suspect person. The list of investigation and surveillance services offered by us includes verification of handwriting and fingerprints, background checking, video and audio monitoring and recording, missing person detection, cyber crime checking, employee background checking, post and pre matrimonial investigation, divorce and alimony cases investigation, wealth and monetary transactions evaluation, etc.

Counted as the best detective agency of Delhi, India, Confidential Detective Agency helps you to get clear vision of your surrounding with authenticated evidences and proofs. With our expertise and experience, we continuously strive to offer the most affordable investigation services to our clients for helping them in solving their issues without compromising with their confidentiality. Our meticulous team of investigating professionals has adequate training and experience in taking up the complicate surveillance cases that requires instant attention and evidences to help clients in conducting their legal proceedings.

What makes us first choice among our competitors:

  • We use the most advanced technology such as GPS tracking and surveillance equipments like cameras and vehicles to monitor and track the activities of the suspect person
  • We maintain the confidentiality of our patrons while handling their cases because we respect their privacy
  • We cross check and verify the evidences before presenting them to the clients so that they can efficiently use those evidences in their legal lawsuits
  • All our methods of carrying investigations are created by adhering with our client’s requirements and other important factors
  • We use a very sequential and concise manner for carrying all our investigations so that all evidences are collected with appropriate verification

Whether the investigation is related with corporate matters, matrimonial disputes, financial issues, government issues, business and monetary transactions substantiation, Confidential Detective Agency in Delhi solves all the issues with an endearing edge over its other rivals. Our skilled team of undercover agents and detectives work in a highly confidential and professional way to collect the evidences in an extremely efficient manner.

Maintaining the reputation for being a reliable corporate and matrimonial detective agency of Delhi, India, Confidential Detective Agency in Delhi always offers great results with foolproof evidences to help its clients in taking the right decision of their lives.

Our Awards - Confidential Detective Agency

  • Award for excellence Presented by Additional Commissioner of Police, Delhi

  • Investigation Leadership Award-2010 presented by Hon'ble Minister Digvijaya Singh

  • Certificate of training course in Private Investigation From AIM.

Our Team - Confidential Detective Agency

  • MISS SNEHA SARMA (Operation Head)

  • MR. ROHIT MALIK (Owner of Confidential Detective Agency)

  • MR. HARDESH BHARDWAJ (Investigation Officer)

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