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Asset Verifications

Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is spacious detective agency in Delhi which has expanded its network in whole India. We provide flawless asset verification in order to create flexible business environment. Asset verification include the evaluation of any individual and business assets such as property, real estate, shares and debentures, mutual fund investments, source of income, taxation records, any bankruptcy etc. Intense investigation is needed when there is detection of various assets of an individual and business owner evaluated and entire details are prepared in our report. We also conduct inclusive asset verification which can identify the hidden assets, liabilities and debtors of person or business.

Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) makes sure to perform asset verification that delivers validation and investigation of hidden assets such as bank accounts, stock valuations, business capitalization, real estate properties etc. We detect debtors and liabilities so that the real valuation of assets can be calculated. In that reference background check of unaccounted and accounted properties must be done. We make sure that the directors of companies or any individual should reflect entire assets related to them.

Excellence is always our unique selling point and it is delivered by the intelligent team of detectives and defense personnel. Undoubtedly Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) has experienced group who have capability to detect cheaters and fraud people who don't care about law and they deliberately hide their assets and source income. In that way these types of people are weakening the economy because they are indirectly stealing the tax. Our investigation team is perfect asset verification officers who are proficient to dig out truth from any business and individual.