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Divorce Cases Investigations

Confidential Detective Agency is a consistent performer in post matrimonial investigation such as divorce case investigation. Divorce case is not an ideal situation for anyone because it is filled with lots of emotions and memories of life. When a person discover that he/she is not able to move forward their married life then divorce case is filed. Divorce can be mutual consent of both parties or it might have dispute over the issues of children custody, property, alimony and all that. Divorce case Investigation is not so simple because it has so many y relationships at stake. Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is the flawless divorce case investigation agency in Delhi and across India, the team of CDA is energetic and veteran in investigation sector and they know how to deal with it.

Divorce cases are rapidly increasing these days because of lack of trust among the couples. Sometime both partner ego clashes, and there could be insecurity and inferiority complex, therefore some people wants to choose independent life. However divorce case is very complicated because handling it is very difficult. If you find that your life partner is not spending time with you anymore, or he is ignoring you and children, hiding truth from you, doing secretive phone calls then you should contact Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) which deliver qualified divorce case investigation services and successfully handled so many cases of divorce case.

Our capable Investigation specialists are always serious for the case and they do the hard work from head to toe to take out the truth. We are loaded with advance technique so we use latest gadget such as GPS Tracker, Videography, audio clip, phone tapping, still photography and many more to capture suspicious activities of target person. We provide entire details stored in our investigation process and handover entire report to our clients that gives them clues which helps them to make their case concrete. Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is certainly the excellent divorce case investigation agency n Delhi NCR and all India.