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DUE Diligence

When you initiate any business partnership it becomes mandatory to check the real time information about your business partner to avoid discrepancy in future. So in that reference due diligence investigation is required to get your business in a right hand. Confidential Detective Agency(CDA) is a pioneer detective agency in Delhi which obtains factual information about those organization in which you are collaborating for future business. We enquire about background check of company which leads you take right decision of future joint venture. Genuine information is required when you are recruiting any employee for your business. Investigation agency will crosh check the qualification of employee, financial capital of business partner and other important information so that you can successfully start business partnership.

Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) performs due diligence investigation that includes:-

  • Third party Investigation
  • Investigation of company capital
  • Intense inquiry of professional and personal profile
  • Social reputation of company and their professionals

We evaluate and authenticate information related to the business corporation in which you are planning to have joining business venture. The most important aspect of due diligence investigation is to cross checking of any criminal records of future company, financial or civil cases, bankruptcy, any past forgery etc. which allows you to think about the future business, because if reports are positive then it is good move to join hands with the respective company and if there is any kind of discrepancy in details then it better to quit the idea of joint business venture.

Many companies avoid due diligence investigation and they face huge loss in future such as low quality product and service, bad reputation of company, financial loss, loss of customer. Hence it is firmly suggested take get due diligence Investigation through Confidential Detective Agency which is positively a great investigation agency and help you to choose right business partner.