How Much Are Private Detectives Cost?


How Much Are Private Detectives Cost?

If you are looking for private detective services, one of the burning questions is “How much are private detectives cost?” The answer is not so simple.

Today we will discuss the typical cost and rates involved when making use of Investigation Services or using the services of a Private Detective Agency.

There are many factors and planning that goes into our Private Detectives & Investigation services to conduct effective Investigations. Let’s say you have an urgent matter to Investigate but you are unsure and may be wondering what is the cost will be to conduct the Private Investigation. In India, private detectives rates vary by location and the type of services they specialize in.

Private Detectives with extensive experience and training, expect to pay a higher rate. Many private detective agencies offer a free initial consultation. Use this to discuss your case. Note that some will demand a consultation fee and some may need a retainer before they even meet with you.

There are many private detective agencies who will quote you flat rates for certain basic services such as Surveillance, background checks and criminal record.

Private Detectives Cost in India

In India you can be sure that the private detectives will charge you an hourly rate and the rate may vary based on where the private detectives is located, the difficulty of the investigation, and whether the private detective will need the help of other private detectives in India.

Throughout the country, i have seen fees range from approximately Rs – 3000 to Rs – 8000 per hour. There are also extra fees attached to the hourly rate. Example of addition is fuel expenses, usually around Rs- 20 per km’s and parking fees Rs – 100 per hour in the city.

If your mandate requires the help of other private detectives services the hourly rate may increase. Be prepared as many private detectives need a retainer or deposit to be paid upfront for services.

Retainer or deposit fees are dependent on the type of service. For example, pre matrimonial investigation may need a deposit of Rs – 20000 while an infidelity case may need a deposit of up to Rs – 30000.

Effective Investigation Services

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