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Physical Surveillance

During the appointment of investigation agency if customer demands, they will provide surveillance investigation services which helps to detect solid evidence and clues in court hearings. There are several private detective agencies in Delhi that are embracing the surveillance investigation strategy to carry out real time data of the suspect. Now it has been easy for detective agency to capture every movements of target person. No doubt that surveillance investigation becomes the most effective way to get the real picture of suspect. Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is highest rated investigation service provider in Delhi and across India.

With the increasing case of fraudulent and cheating surveillance investigation has made it relevance more than ever. Whether you are having any personal or professional doubt going through physical surveillance is a great idea. In professional life you can detect the activities of your employee so that you catch the wrong happenings in your organization. Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is genuinely working for clients and giving them fruitful output through its marvelous surveillance investigation services. We have been prepared with world class detective veteran who knows criticality of any case and have the competency to get solution out of it.

We articulate surveillance investigation which includes following steps:

  • Establish the latest mechanism of surveillance investigation to capture the movements of target person
  • Deep background check of target person including social gathering, personal meetings, phone records so that the intention of target person revealed.
  • Using high technological device such as GPS Trackers, Audio clipping, Videography and photography etc. for having concrete evidence.
  • Collect genuine proofs durum surveillance investigation through credible sources and give away all the details to the client.

If you are rally searching top class surveillance investigation services in Delhi India then Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is incomparable detective agency having highly educated investigation specialist in India and all over the world.