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Post Matrimonial Investigations

Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is a significant private detective agency in Delhi and India that carry out outstanding post matrimonial investigation services. Suppose that your spouse is cheating on you and he/she is not behaving as usual or he/she has suddenly changes daily activities and routine then there must be something fishy about him/her. Well you might be wrong as well but you are not sure about it, therefore it advised to communicate with prestigious post matrimonial investigation agency in Delhi and entire India, which can detect the truth behind all this. We will investigate suspect person deeply and he/she won't able to know that he/she is being spied. We investigate possibility of extra marital affair in that case. With reference to post matrimonial investigation there are also parallel investigations on process such as divorce case investigation, child custody investigation, surveillance investigation etc.

We are known for our admirable investigation job because we provide results on time to our client who helps them to take right decision. Confidential Detective Agency is equipped with tech savvy and proficient investigation specialist who deals with different and difficult cases. To solve these case are just easy for them because they are experienced enough to tackle diversified critical situation during the case. We are committed to provide you solid evidences and proofs which allows you to make your case strong against your counterparty.

Common Symptoms of Spouse Infidelity

  • Avoid family and children
  • Unexpected change in habits and behavior
  • Suspicious phone call and message
  • Speaking lie becomes habit
  • Try to hide something which is fishy
  • Disinterest in sexual activities
  • Changes in daily work habit

These symptoms are enough to indicate that the person activities are suspicious. However you might be wrong, but without any investigation you cannot reach to any conclusion. So it is better to hire Confidential Detective Agency to solve your problem.