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Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is a significant private detective agency in Delhi and India that carry out outstanding post matrimonial investigation services. Suppose that your spouse


Confidential Detective Agency is a consistent performer in post matrimonial investigation such as divorce case investigation. Divorce case is not an ideal situation for anyone because it is filled with lots of emotions and memories of life.


Confidential Detective Agency is constantly improving an existence of individuals with regards to relationship matters. The uncertainly in life can be measured deeply when you come to know that your spouse is cheating on you.


Confidential Detective Agency has been measured as the steadfast detective agency in Delhi and whole India. Sting operations have become a solid proof in court proceedings and people use to conduct sting operation so that the target person reveals the truth.


Have you ever heard about undercover operation, well we when the word undercover comes in our mind that it is related to some secret mission? But anybody can get the service of undercover investigation. If you are as a businessman think that you some of your employee


When you initiate any business partnership it becomes mandatory to check the real time information about your business partner to avoid discrepancy in future. So in that reference due diligence investigation is required to get your business in a right hand.


If you are rally searching top class surveillance investigation services in Delhi India then Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is incomparable detective agency having highly educated investigation specialist in India and all over the world.


Background check investigation is an important investigation service when you are initiating new association with someone. This investigation is not limited to personal investigation but it is also implemented in corporate investigation.


Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) has capable verification officers who will investigate about candidate prior company details, period of work in organization, reason for leaving the company, candidate job profile, salary slip or bank statement…


We are the highly successful investigation agency which has feasted its network in all India and we are associated with high profile client and companies. Top rated companies hire us to conduct post-employment investigation because they have immense trust


Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is spacious detective agency in Delhi which has expanded its network in whole India. We provide flawless asset verification in order to create flexible business environment. Asset verification include the evaluation of any individual and business assets


Confidential Detective Agency (CDA) is flamboyant and trustworthy private detective agency in Delhi India that has efficaciously undertaken missing investigation services to detect the location of cheater person or absconder.


Confidential Detective Agency is prepared to acquire ultimate trademark and copyright investigation services in Delhi India. We are loaded with knowledgeable investigation officers .


CDA has been constantly accomplishing these types of critical cases and successfully given positive results to its client. If a company is violating the ethics of business and tries to breach your contract then you have option…


When you run company you should make sure about your employee honesty and loyalty to the company. Cases of employee theft are growing in current business perspective and it has been one of the root causes of loss in business.


Our Awards

  • Award for excellence Presented by Additional Commissioner of Police, Delhi

  • Investigation Leadership Award-2010 presented by Hon'ble Minister Digvijaya Singh

  • Certificate of training course in Private Investigation From AIM.

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Meet Our Expert Team

  • MISS SNEHA SARMA (Operation Head)

  • MR. ROHIT MALIK (Owner of Confidential Detective Agency)

  • MR. HARDESH BHARDWAJ (Investigation Officer)

About Detective Agency in Bangalore

On the off chance that you think somebody and need to get to know reality, take assistance from Detective Agency in Bangalore. You can see the opposite side of the coin with our assistance. With the thorough and productive detective services gave to the customers, we give complete customer fulfilment. The top notch services have made us one of the main Spy Detective Agencies in Bangalore. Profoundly cryptic issues are taken care of capably in unfavourable surroundings as well.

The group of specialists in the city of Bangalore takes up the observation ventures for coddling the distinctive needs of the customers. Regardless of if the issue is close to home or expert; we let you have knowledge in the truth. The broad and powerful analyst benefits in private family investigation, corporate matters, marital inquiries and business matters gives us an edge over the contenders. The undercover agents and the detectives of our company swear by privacy. Confidentiality and privacy are reflected in their demeanour and services. The customers don’t need to stress over the mystery that is kept up all through. Complete straightforwardness is kept up with the customers while the group is procured for the work. Each undertaking is taken care definitely and with awesome ability.

Our group does the work remembering all the significant viewpoints and the prerequisites of the clients. Personality of the customers is kept under spread as our group in Bangalore comprehends the noteworthiness of security in such administrations. All inquiries that are frequenting one’s brain can be managed extraordinary simplicity. Straightforwardness and viable administrations is the thing that one can look forward from our group. Global and additionally national customers are managed premium services. The most recent innovation and incredible preparing let our group serve the customers in the finest way. The detection devices and detectives help our group in satisfying the customer’s desire in the best conceivable way. The contemporary far reaching following programming, expository frameworks, GPS vehicle tracing tools, sting operation supplies and cyber software helps our equipped group to break the most confused cases inside of the due dates. Complete watchfulness is kept up in a wide range of investigation activities.

The customers can get the investigation services in a wide range of issues without blazing a gap in their pockets. Our group in Bangalore puts in a ton of diligent work and endeavours in indulging the customers with attractive services. You can take educated choices with respect to each part of your life by contracting our administrations. Procure the representatives after the investigation of worker’s unwavering quality. Representatives are the establishment of an organization so they ought to be completely forthright. For guaranteeing the individuals you are procuring have not been included in an extortion or burglary, you can get the worker checked with the assistance of our group. One can likewise accomplish the employee checks before getting hitched. Marriage is a deep rooted choice and ought to be moved down with the certainty and trust. One can get the budgetary and character appraisal finished with us. We keep up mystery while taking care of distinctive activities. Keep all the inquiries under control by employing the Private investigation agency in Bangalore from us. We will give you benefits that match your desires. Esteem for cash is guaranteed by our effective administrations.


  • To act according to our company values; we recognize that we have a responsibility to act ethically and responsibly at all times.
  • To work with you, not against you; we don’t directly approach our partners’ employees*.
  • To be in this for the long term; we’re not simply interested in fee generation, we recognize that we have a responsibility to secure you individuals that will deliver long-term success for your business and help you fulfill your corporate ambitions.
  • To truly listen; we understand that we can’t advise you before we understand you, your business culture and its objectives.
  • To be straight talking; we’ll talk to you openly and honestly in your language and not in the jargon of our world, we’ll challenge your thinking in a constructive way and provide you with honest feedback.
  • To make it easy for you – We put in the hours and hard work so that you can focus on your job.
  • To represent your brand as if it was our own; we recognize that when we approach the market any dealings we have on your behalf reflects your brand; we treat this responsibility with the upmost respect.


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